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About Inspire Community Services

The idea for Inspire Community Services was sparked way back in 2016 when Faith Assembly of God church desired to impact the lives of those living in Whampoa. That year, we launched the Love Cart programme and started giving out student bursary awards.

Our Services

Services - Inspire Family
Inspire Family
We have a few programs such as Love Cart, Milk & Cereal Projects, Skills-based training program.
Services - Inspire Youths
Inspire Youths
The Inspire Bursary Merit Award was started to help students fulfill their dreams and encourage lifelong learning.
Services - Inspire Children
Inspire Children
Stay tuned for upcoming programs, talks, workshops and seminars!
Services - Inspire S3P
Inspire S3P
S3P stands for Safe Sound Sleeping Places. We seek to provide holistic care by offering temporary shelter to the homeless and rough sleepers.

Inspire You

Homepage - Inspire You (3)

Be a volunteer to make a difference in the community

Volunteers play a very important role in ICS. Embark on a fulfilling journey with us and find out more about how you can impact lives in the community by clicking on the button below or dropping us an email at info@inspire.org.sg.

Pledge a Donation

To continue making a difference to the families in our community, we need your generous support and kind donations. If you are interested in helping us to make a difference, click on the button below to find out more.
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